Becoming Myself: What do you believe?

What do you believe about yourself? Do you think you are too tall, too short, too fat, too skinny, too smart? Not smart enough? Not pretty enough? A disappointment? A failure?

The woman was convinced. ~Genesis 3:6

Really? Was that all it took? The lure of knowing more? And convinced of what? That God's heart wasn't good, that He was holding out on her, holding back good things that she deserved. Eve was convinced that God didn't her best interest in mind, and that in order to make things right, she had to take control of the situation... Sound familiar?

We won't go into where Adam was while this was happening...but he was right there next to her. He didn't step in, he didn't defend Eve or rescue her. He didn't take the opportunity to be the hero. He was the first husband to deny who God created him to be, and chose to be passive. We'll save that for another post. Back to Eve's story...and ours as women.

As women, daughters of Eve, we, too are easily convinced that we are worthless. As we look back through our lives and experiences, it is all too easy to see our hearts yearning to be loved, beloved, chosen, treasured, fought for, defended, rescued. Yet so often, we see the times we were hurt, wounded, betrayed, not chosen, not preferred, left defenseless to succumb to lies, addictions, struggles of self worth.

What do you believe?

What you believe matters. Whether it's true or not, what you believe has power in your life.

Do you believe God has a dream for you? Do you believe He wants to restore you, to make you whole? God created you to reflect His beauty to the world around you like no one else on the planet. To do that, you need to become the YOU He created YOU to be! God invites you into the process of changing through His grace.

On January 4, 2014, my church, The Bridge, hosted the second annual Intentionally & Wonderfully Made event, where Sara Groves, Beverly Weeks and I shared from our hearts and God's Word that 1,100 might know, truly know, that they are beloved and loved. We're encouraging them, and you, to take the next step by taking the Becoming Myself journey. (did you miss it? Watch it here!)

706398: Becoming Myself Book & Study Guide

Through this journey, you'll invite Jesus into your past experiences, letting Him show you His truth about them so you can recognize the lies, receive understanding, and experience healing. We suggest you gather up your girlfriends and talk this journey with them! Dare to do something different and get different results. Buy Becoming Myself by Stasi Eldredge- the book and the study guide.

Be convinced. Be convinced that the God who created this universe, created YOU to reflect His beauty like no one else. Be convinced that He loves you, He sees you, you are never, ever hidden from His sight. Be convinced that NOTHING you can say or do could make Him love you less...or more. Be convinced that you are ENOUGH, you are beautiful, you are becoming who He created you to be. Take back what the enemy has stolen from you. Will you take this journey to take your heart back?

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