Take a Stand: Divorce is not the answer

Surely you've heard the saying "If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything." Little is more true than this when deciding to stand for your marriage even as the world gives you every reason to walk away and not to stand. Believe it or not, there are times that those who will discourage someone from standing will even use God's Word to make walking away seem okay. DON'T BE THAT PERSON! Maybe you've got friend or family member whose marriage is imploding and don't know what to say to them. Perhaps your instinct says "protect yourself, don't get hurt anymore, run!" We encourage you to...take a stand.


Are you bold enough?

Are you bold enough to take a stand for YOUR marriage? Are you bold enough to take a stand for a friend's marriage when they aren't? Are you bold enough to confront a friend who is choosing to walk away from the covenant they made, even when the myriad of reasons include any of the following?

  • I don't love him/her anymore.
  • We just aren't compatible.
  • He/she cheated on me.
  • My marriage was a mistake.
  • I've met my soulmate at work/coaching/church, and it's not my spouse.
  • I'm done, I can't take the hurt anymore.
  • He is steeped in a pornography/drug/alcohol addiction.
  • She won't stop communicating with that guy at work/on facebook.
  • I can't stop thinking about ______________.
  • I can't forgive him/her for ______________.
  • I'll never be able to trust him/her again.
  • He/she deserves better than me.
  • It's best for the kids.

You've read the list of reasons spouses walk away. Now take a minute to make a list of people in YOUR LIFE who are contemplating walking away. Or who already have.

Divorce is not the answer, Learn How/Why to Stand

Next, get equipped and empowered to speak into their lives...or your own:

Get the tools to Stand

Get a good foundation for what God says about marriage by rummaging through the Marriage Toolbox.

Get the hope to Stand

Be emboldened, empowered and encouraged as you read a couple of redemption stories:

Be Bold and Stand

Take a stand for your friend and his/her marriage when they aren't. Sit down with them, pray with them, encourage them to take the "D" word (DIVORCE) off the table as an option. Love them, pray with them and encourage them to take the counter-cultural steps. You may be the oneperson God uses to change the life, marriage and legacy of your friend.

I know I'm grateful for my friends who told me "NO. DIVORCE IS NOT AN OPTION. Divorce is not what God calls you to do. He calls you to honor your covenant and stand for your marriage."

Will you be that friend? Will you be that spouse?

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