SEX: Keep The Passion ALIVE!

Honeychild, somebody pass the peanut butter and a chocolate bar this is gonna be one tee-totally, eye brow raising, foot stomping, giggling so hard I’m grabbing my belly, YES Christians can have fun, forget reality television, AMAZINGLY REAL blog post!! sex

It's been a weekend packed  with three speaking engagements, a district talent competition for both kids, church, and a hand full of other activities. I am mentally and physically drained! On top of that, when I walk through that door this afternoon after a full day at work, I know that I will be greeted by a sink full of dishes, three unmade beds and two piles of laundry, one dirty and the other funky. Dirty means that in hard times we can wear it just one more time. Funky means you better grab a gas mask and run just as fast as you can while loading it into the washer!

Not tonight, dear, I've got a headache

It seems the cycle of "fast paced" is never-ending. There is work, kids, activities, church, and the list goes on. SOOOOO the last thing I want to feel when my head hits that pillow tonight is a hand crawling up my back like a pack spiders. Just being candid, if I’m not careful I can find myself making an excuse every night of the week for why NOT to have sex with my hubby. From headaches, to earaches, to backaches, to “Not tonight, honey, I have a toe ache!” Yet, I know without a doubt that sex IS a fundamental part of our marriage covenant and I am determined to keep the passion ALIVE!!

Kind of reminds me of a story I heard  of this one old couple who were at a coffee shop one night and the husband leaned over and asked his wife, "Do you remember that time 50 years ago we went behind this same building where we leaned against the back fence and we… you know?" “Yes,” she says, "I remember it well."

The old guy got a twinkle in his eye and said, "How about we take a stroll around back to it again for old time’s sake?"

"Oh Charlie, you old devil, that sounds like a crazy, but fun idea!”

Now, a police officer was having coffee and happened to overhear this conversation and chuckling to himself, he thought: "I’ve gotta' see these two old-timers just to keep an eye on them so there’s no trouble." So he follows them.

The elderly couple walked out slowly, leaning on each other and with the help of their canes. Finally, they got to the back of the building and sure enough, the old man made his move and the lady leaned against the fence. The policeman was about to turn away, when suddenly it turned into the most unexpected display of marital fireworks the policeman had ever seen. This went on for minutes with loud shouts and screaming!!

Finally, they both collapsed on the ground. The policeman was amazed. He thought how all these years he had underestimated EVERY senior citizen he’d ever met. How did they keep the passion alive so long? After giving them a chance to pull themselves together, the policeman decided, “I’ve got to ask them what their secret is."

So, as the couple passes, he says to them, "Excuse me, but I have to admit, I just saw that, and I’m wondering what the secret is to keeping that kind of passion in your relationship."

Shaking, the old man was barely able to reply, "Fifty years ago, that wasn’t an electric fence!!!" Now that’s one way to keep the passion alive!

SEX: Keeping The Passion Alive

Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh. And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not shamed.  ~Genesis 2:24-25

S- SEDUCE Your Husband: Or for all my brothers in Christ, SEDUCE your wife!! Have mercy, I’m gonna need a pedicure by the time I am finished. I’m stepping all over my hot pink, polka dot painted toes today.

If you don’t  take care of the sexual needs of your spouse, it is like throwing him or her into a pack of foaming at the mouth wolves in an immoral, ungodly sexual culture! You heard me right. We live in a world filled with pornography, women and men who have no respect for their bodies, x-rated Hollywood movies and magazines being flaunted on the screen, on our electronics, and even in the check-out lines.

I mean of all things, I passed by a local billboard for a plastic surgeon the other day and thought I was going to have a heart attack! The model was barely clothed while stretched out in a provocative position. I wanted to cover my husband's and my fourteen-year old son's eyes to protect them from that filth! I REFUSE as a godly wife to give the enemy a foot in the door in my marriage!!!  Listen up ladies it is time we make our husbands our first priorities. They need to feel desired, loved, and like they are the most valuable thing on this planet!! So in other words, forget the laundry, instead seduce himTurn Him On & Get Naked!

E-Examine Your Heart:  Sista' believe me, YES, I know all about exhaustion, being drained and all the drama that comes along with a typical week. As a matter of fact, I am the momma of all drama! Madea ain't gotta thang on me!!  Yet, there are times I have to examine my heart. I have to put aside my selfishness, my lists, my wants.... I am called to minister to my husband in this area. I am not going to lie. Sometimes I have had to pray: Lord, change my heart.

You may have to jump in the shower, take a nice warm bath, dab on your favorite perfume, grab something pretty or you may even have to schedule a time for sex! BUT, you keep this in mind, this intimacy with your spouse, this sexual oneness, this transparency,  this gift from GOD, this highest form of worship with your spouse, is a VITAL part of the marriage relationship. It is the ONE thing you can’t do with anyone else.

X- Xperiment (experiment) with NEW ideas! Say adios, so long, farewell, sayonara, to ho-hum, can only be done in one position, don’t mess up my bangs, BORING sex! It’s time to spice it up. Light the candles, add the romance, turn on the music, bring on the strawberries and whip cream, read Song of Solomon together, grab the scented oils, forgo the oversized jogging pants, grab something pretty to wear, flirt, giggle, laugh, yell, and laugh some more! You may even want to add fresh insight such as godly resources and books or speak to a qualified Christian mentor or biblically based counselor.

Above all COMMUNICATE to each other your likes and dislikes and always  KEEP THE PASSION ALIVE!!

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