I ______ My Body: Wonderfully Made

Last week, I spent the day shopping with some friends in Raleigh for an upcoming trip. We had a great time talking and planning and enjoying each other’s company. But as I lay in bed that night, thinking back to our day, the one thing that stood out to me is how critical I was about my body, about my flaws, about how I thought my friends had better legs, better hair etc.  This is why I don’t try on clothes at stores in those 3 way mirrors.  Anyone else relate?


I ___________ my body.

Then I woke up the morning after feeling the effects of a long but fun day and was having a little pity party.  All the while I’m pacing back and forth trying desperately to look like I was accomplishing something, anything, and I look down and there is Samantha (my fur baby) just staring at me, waiting for a rub, waiting for me to look at her as she is looking at me like I am the most beautiful girl she has ever seen.  She also knows when I’m not feeling well and never leaves my side.

That got me to thinking more about how God’s love is for us.  He is with us through the good, the bad and the ugly.  Waiting for us to take notice.  God is there reminding us that we are beautiful and special no matter what size our thighs are, no matter if our hair is falling out or our stomach jiggles when we walk.  I am reminded:

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. ~Psalm 139:14

God is now and will always be right by our side. In dark moments, in good moments and even in those dressing rooms with the 3 way mirror, He reminds us that we are beautiful, we are loved and never alone.


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