Are You Paralyzed With Fear?

Are you being attacked with paralyzing fear? Maybe it’s your marriage, job, health, finances, depression, struggles with a prodigal child, attacks of gossip, and you feel as if you are going under. Hold on! My God has heard your moanings and your groanings and He has seen your tears! Keep your head above the waters, kick with all you’ve got! Help is on the way!


It was my first year of church youth camp. I was tee-totally excited to have my very own yellow and black polka dot bathing suit, but even more thrilled to be swimming in the pool with the “older” popular girls. They could flip and do such amazing tricks from the diving board. In all honestly, it was all I could do to keep my  head afloat. The doggy paddle was the only swimming technique I had ever known. Honeychild, I ain’t gonna lie, it still is!

There was no money for swimming lessons in my family, yet I still have fond childhood memories of when our family would head out for a trip to the water. My three sisters and I would ride cramped in a little camper shell on the back of dad’s small  pickup truck. We would sing songs and play Truth or Dare as we headed out to Atlantic Beach for a weekend of potted meat, saltine crackers, Vienna sausages, sand castles, fishing, sunburns, wave chasing and very little interest in swimming….

Now here I was finding myself in a nine feet deep concrete swimming pool where my lack of experience was beginning to show. I couldn’t dare allow the big girls to discover that I did not know how to swim. Little by little, I would edge on just a little closer to the drop off at the deep end of the pool being certain to keep the  fake appearance of a skillful swimmer.  I would hold tightly to the side, laugh, cut up with the others and  hope no one would ever suspect that I was a novice. Suddenly a large splash into the pool made by one of the teenaged divers caused me to lose my footing. The water went right over my head and I slipped from the guardrail plummeting beneath all nine feet of water.

The Feeling of Paralyzing Fear

Paralyzed with fear, I began to panic and gasp for air. My heart began to race, and thoughts of death began to creep into my young mind as the water began to gush in through my nose and mouth. I began to tell myself “kick, just paddle back up to the surface.” The anxiety soon took over as I  began to swallow even more water. “Kick, kick, you can do it, just kick yourself back to the top.” Struggling, I mustered up courage, stretched out my arms and was able to kick up to the top long enough to scream out  a loud cry for help! At that moment, the lifeguard tossed me one of those red and white life rings and a counselor jumped in to save me.

Fear Vanishes in The Arms of My Rescuer

What an overwhelming sense of relief to feel the arms of my rescuer so tightly around my waist and to sense at that very moment that everything was going to be fine. More importantly to me, I was going to live!

There have been times in my adult life when I was paralyzed by that same gripping fear I had that day as a child. Life  hit harder than I ever expected and I didn't  know how I was going to make it or come back up to the surface.

How will we survive on one paycheck after I lost my job, how do I survive the doctor's diagnosis after finding a lump, how will I survive a crumbling marriage, the grief from the sudden death of a loved one? It was during those times that I felt as if I were having an emotional meltdown and I knew I was going under.

You can relate to what I am saying, can't you? You are being attacked with fear, worry, doubt, and that sleazy, conniving,  scumbag Satan has convinced you that you are not going to make it. That kind of fear can disrupt your life, drain all your strength, and cloud your judgement. It's time to cry out, GOD, I feel like I am going under. Help!  Toss me a life ring, Lord,  I'm depending on You to save me!

You're Not Going Under!

I want you to know that our God did not give us a spirit of fear, but instead He has given us POWER and love to overcome those fears. Let’s face it, we all have experienced times of uncertainty.  Friends there will be those days of rough waters, when you  have to take a hold of God’s promises found in the Word, reach out to the One true Lifesaver, call on His name, go to kicking with all that is in you and find rest in knowing that your lifeguard walks on water! You can find safety in His arms. He loves you and  I can assure you that my GOD ain't about to let you go under!!!!

Fear not, for I am with you; Be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, Yes, Iwill help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. ~Isaiah 41:10


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