Women need friends, those kind of friends who will celebrate with you, cry with you, pray with you, love you on your worst days, steal your husband's truck with you (but that's another story), and accompany you to the police station when needed. Women long for friends who will see them fully and love them anyway. We also need women in our lives to go out and laugh with- and these are all reasons I love the movie Moms' Night Out. Moms' Night Out Movie Poster

Moms' Night Out with My Husband

Scott and I were blessed to see Moms' Night Out prerelease on FamilyLife's Love Like You Mean It Cruise in February 2014 (another great reason to go on the cruise with us, seeing movies prerelease!). I wanted to see the movie, and he came along with me because he's a great guy who endures chick flicks with me for a couple of reasons: he loves me and he knows I think it's sexy when he takes me to chick flicks, which is good for him after the chick flick, if you know what I mean. *wink*

We loved Fireproof and Courageous, and after hearing Stephen Kendrick speak about his role in this film, we went in expecting Moms' Night Out to be faith based, encouraging and fun. We also remember that although we really enjoyed Fireproof and Courageous, there were times in those movies when the acting was a little clunky. Not so with Moms' Night Out!

To Scott's pleasant surprise, he enjoyed Moms' Night Out almost as much as I did! We spent most of the time laughing, because really, we saw a lot of ourselves in the characters. The pain of the pastor's wife in the movie reminded me I need to reach out to my fellow pastors' wives more often, because it can be a lonely place.

Moms' Night Out with the Girls!

It's a fun movie- I'd encourage you to grab some girlfriends and make a GIRLS' NIGHT OUT of it. Your single girlfriends will enjoy it, too, it speaks to the hearts of women. Beverly Weeks and I are rounding up all the women in our sphere of influence for the 2:10PM showing tomorrow in Goldsboro, North Carolina. Join us, or rally your girlfriends! Let me know what you think once you see the movie!


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