Even Noah Looked Foolish!

WARNING: What you are about to read is a true story. The names have not been changed to protect the foolish, um, I mean innocent… It was another one of those can it, could it, would it, yes it can, it could, it would, and it DID happen to sweet, little, innocent ol’ me moments in my life. foolish 2 The passion was slowly disintegrating in my marriage and I knew without a doubt that this wife needed to implement some swift changes in the romance department where my marriage was concerned. I’ll admit, I had somewhat been a teeny, tiny bit, unknowingly deficient in the area of expressing my feelings and flirting with my hubby Rick. Shucks fire, I ain’t gonna lie, in my past I had hardly ever been the type of wife to send her husband a text or drop an email once an hour, or even on a daily basis just to say, “hey, I love you,” or to encourage him. Isn’t it amazing that we as women want to be pursued, and crave the romance from our husbands, yet we often forget that they desire the same thing!

Foolish in Love: Oh no she didn't!

foolishNervously, I got out my cell phone and sent my husband Rick the following text: You R a hunk! Thinking of u & I can’t wait 2 snuggle & get a hold of your luscious lips! I got a prize waiting for u when u get home!:)  Love , Bev   Within minutes, I began to fidget at my desk waiting eagerly for his response. I knew my text would blow my hubby’s mind, I just prayed it wouldn’t give him a severe life altering heart attack! The clock ticked, minutes passed, and it seemed like hours. Finally, I heard the “DING” sound for the incoming message, and scuffled to pick up the cell phone which in return displayed the following reply: Dear Bev, I am sure you intended to send this message to your husband & not to me, although I did get excited!

Have Mercy Sista!

Grab the peanut butter and chocolate, this is the part where the story gets water cooler, belly aching, giggling good! At that very moment, I dropped the phone and screamed out“Lord, help me Jesus!!!” I had inadvertently sent that steamy message to the last person I had dialed that morning. He was a contractor, a business aquaintance who I had called that morning to request his consideration in signing a proposal that I had submitted to his company. My office buddies gathered around my desk and laughed and joked about that one for days! Afterwards, every time I spoke with that contractor he would chuckle. Needless to say, I NEVER have forgotten that incident.

Looking Foolish: To Be Sure I’m Not The Only One

Have you ever done something FOOLISH? I mean down right, tee-totally embarrassing, let me cover my face, or crawl into a whole nearby, foolish? I am reminded there will be days in my Christian walk with God, when I take a stand for my Lord, that I may appear to some to look absurd, nutty or plain ol' foolish. Some of you are undoubtedly feeling that way even now as you take a stand for your marriage. Your friends are saying “Are you crazy? Drop him!” but yet you continue to STAND on the Word of God and claim His promises. Maybe you are looking foolish because you have been praying day and night for a breakthrough in your finances, your job, a relationship with someone in your family, a prodigal child, or a friend at your church, all the while the people you admire most are laughing at you.

Even Noah Looked Foolish

Can you imagine just how foolish Noah and his sons appeared to look when God told Noah to build the ark. That boat was 450 ft. long (the length of 1.5 football fields) 75 ft. wide and 45 ft. high (about the height of a five-story building). His neighbors and closest friends gathered around and they laughed their heads off. "Hey Noah, are you crazy!?! There ain’t but so many trout over there in that water. You are a foolish man building a boat this big! Oh and Noah, how do you expect to drag it to the water?” But Noah was obedient to God, he began to share how there was going to be a great flood and how they needed to repent. Let me tell you, I bet there was a whole lot of gossiping and giggling until those first water filled, dark, stormy clouds rolled in! There will be times when we as Christians look foolish, BUT most of those times will be because we are doing God’s will, doing God’s work. I want to be a risk taker, I, Beverly Weeks, want to seize opportunities, embrace uncertainty, and with my dragon slaying spiritual weapons in hand I want to face my deepest, darkest, fears and insecurities head on. I want to be all that GOD has called me to be and absolutely nothing less. For too long, I have allowed the enemy to stifle my God-given potential. I have been guilty in my past of  entertaining that voice in my mind that says, you’re not qualified, this will never work, that pesky voice of doubt that says, are you sure you have been called… Not any longer!!!  I am committed. I am resolved. I am going forth in VICTORY. I am taking a stand  for my Jesus. Just like Noah, I will dare to look foolish!

Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart. ~Psalm 37:4

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