What's Wrong with Me? Don't Compare!

Have you got yourself to a point physically and mentally where you feel like you're going about a 100 miles a minute in every direction and still not catching up? Do you find yourself seeing Facebook posts or hearing from friends about all the activities they are doing, gyms they go to, diets that are working, perfect children and all the activities they are involved in all the while keeping an immaculate house? compare

I am here to tell you that everything you’re thinking is normal. However, you do not need to let it rule your every thought. These people have bad days too. You’re only seeing the super-shiny stuff. You're likely comparing their best moments to your worst.

As Christians, we are really good at looking like we have it all together. We love Jesus AND we have super powers to get it all done without one complaint. What? What's wrong with me, cause I’m not like that at all?

After a wonderful talk with a seasoned Christian yesterday, I realized we all need to get real with one another.

Stop sharing just the shiny stuff. Life gets messy, y'all.

Let’s stop pretending to have it all together all the time when life has thrown us a curve ball. We should be taking this time to call on God for guidance, through prayer, through fellowship with others, through accountability groups and so on. We are here to share the good, the bad and the ugly with one another. Ladies, we've got a group on Facebook just for you, it's called Intentionally & Wonderfully Made. Join us there for encouragement and prayer for every area of your life!

So stop beating yourself up if you have a bad day, if you hit the buffet table twice last night at dinner or if you lost your cool during a family game night of cards. Although that’s another whole post right there!

Keep this verse in mind when you’re feeling like you are less than what God has made you. Ask GOD to help you in those weak moments:

Do your own work well, and then you will have something to be proud of. But don’t compare yourself with others. ~Galatians 6:4