Father's Day Prayer Blitz Pre-Prayer


It's just days away. I feel strongly to do a prayer blitz SPECIFICALLY for FATHERS! Biological fathers, stepfathers, adoptive fathers, foster fathers, spiritual fathers...

Who wants to join me?


Father's Day Prayer Blitz Points

We'll focus on three major relational prayer points:

  • your children's father
  • your husband as a father (if you are a wife)
  • your own & our spouse's father

And the most important other one--relationship with HEAVENLY FATHER.

These relationships are important in each direction. Even if a father has passed away, there may still be healing that needs to occur. I bet many wives would agree, you recognize similar behaviors in relationship between your husband and his father and the relationship between your husband and your children.

You've also got to pray about your own relationship with your own father and that influence in our lives.

I encourage you to fast in some form this week. Never fasted before? You choose your own way and *thing* to fast as the Lord leads. Don't complicate it. 

Each day this week, we will post specific scripture references pertaining to fathers/fatherhood/heavenly Father for us to intentionally focus on in prayer. Let's HONOR the fathers in our lives by standing in the gap for each of them.

Start with YOURSELF.

Meditate on this verse:

Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the Lord your God is giving you. ~Exodus 20:12

Go before the Lord in humility. Ask Him to reveal to you anything you need to confess or repent from, that may have involved:

  • Dishonoring your own father/father-in-law.
  • Dishonoring your husband (wives) as a father/dishonoring yourself (husbands) and believing lies of the enemy as a father.
  • Dishonoring your husband's role as father to or in front of your children/husbands-dishonoring/relinquishing your role as a father to your children
  • Dishonoring God as your heavenly Father.

Declare your forgiveness through the shedding of Christ's blood that has cleansed you.

  • Confess and forgive any wounds perpetrated against you by your own father/father-in-law or the father figure (such as your own husband) in your life.
  • Forgive any wounds (for husbands) of being dishonored that have been perpetrated against you as a father (by anyone, your wife, own children or father).
  • Declare their forgiveness, as you have been forgiven through the cleansing of the shed blood of Christ.
  • Ask God for divine healing and softening of your own heart for any issue you are struggling with.

You can stand in the gap on behalf of your spouse for any of these prayer points. Pray and ask God to close any and all doors of offense between you and your spouse, father and/or father-in-law, or you and your children.

Pray a blessing of honor and thankfulness over each father figure in your life and the relationship you have with them.

Make a declaration using the verse above over/on behalf of yourself, your spouse, your children:

I thank you God that I honor my father and mother, therefore I will live long in the land my heavenly Father has given me.