Where Does Your Help Come From?

Today marks a day in history which is very personal for each of us. We all remember where we were the morning of September 11, 2001. Each of us were and are affected by the events of that day and on some level, each of us still mourns. All of us go through a process of reaching that place where we can bring our hardship and trial to Jesus, but then still have to go through the process of letting go, of allowing healing to come, allowing the joy to return. It is important to know that when the most difficult moments of your life come and are raw and painful, we can bring them to the One who heals.


May we never forget where our help comes from.

Jesus is there for us, waiting patiently and respectfully for us to work through our grief. Our sorrow.

He is grieving with us.

John 11:35: Jesus wept.

Jesus Calling, a devotional by Sarah Young, included this line today: "Bring your moments to Me, and I will fill them with vibrant joy."

Maybe you're waiting for that healing that can only come from Jesus, but don't know which direction to go to receive that healing and hope.

Get still, get quiet and look up.

He's there.

Weeping with you.

Waiting for you.

Bring it to Him.

Right now.

I look up to the hills,but where does my help come from?My help comes from the Lord,who made heaven and earth. ~Psalm 121:1-2

Weeping may last through the night,but joy comes with the morning.  ~Psalm 30:5

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