Bye-Bye Granny Panties!

Hold on to your blue jeans for this one,  here comes a mighty confession! As a matter of fact, someone just might want to call me up and take me out to lunch! Whoodoggie...forget the lunch, just drop by my office with a dozen cream filled doughnuts, a couple of jars of crunchy peanut butter and some chocolate bars. I am coming clean and it feels good. It's a day of revelation!

It wasn't until the ripe age of 43, {{DRUM ROLL PLEASE}} that I started wearing eye shadow! On top of that, I have purchased an eye brow pencil! Yes, you heard me right. It is one area in my makeup that I have always struggled with. Soooo, I finally went out and made a few expenditures. I know it’s hard not to laugh, and if you see me in public please pull me to the side if I look like I have black raccoon eyes. I'm still experimenting!

Confession Time

Well, here we go! This is the part of the post where I give my beautiful precious, pentecostal, conservative  mom an early heart attack by sharing candid information with everyone in cyberspace.  The next thing on my list is getting rid of these GRANNY panties. Oh, but they feel so good, they are cheap and come in every color! On top of that the elastic in mine have walked with me through three different sizes. They have been stretched from here to yonder!

I just cannot get up enough nerve to buy underwear that come twelve pair in a tube.  Honeychild that is some smallunderwear. I have been told by my fourteen year old son on more than one occasion that I have a lot of “junk in my trunk!”

God has called me to be more

I believe God has called us to put our best “look” forward for our spouses. In the last couple of years, I have really had to ask God to enlighten me in this department. I am determined to overcome through the blood of Jesus, areas in my life that I have felt defeated in for so long. I confess, I am the wife that would never let her husband have sex unless the lights were turned out! I have prayed like never before for boldness in the bedroom and for chains of insecurities to fall off. Makes me want to stop this post right now and sing out, "There is power in the name of Jesus, to break every chain, to break every chain, to break every chain!" 

Someone needs to hear this, our husbands are not as concerned with our being a size 8 as they are with us allowing them to see our beautiful bodies. Fill up his Rolo-sex! For so long in my past, I struggled with insecurities, poor self-image, feeling tired all the time, and no energy. I honestly remember one time sitting out in the parking lot of a shopping center and crying out, GOD why can't I be a single digit size! I mean I haven't seen a size 8 since.... I was eight! Let me tell you that I felt the Holy Spirit say to me...


I, the LORD, your GOD, think you are number one!" 

My Daddy is the King!

I am a daughter of the King and my body is a temple. I need to take care of it.  I have been making some life style changes. I am placing a stake in the ground. I refuse to allow Satan to attack my self esteem. I will no longer compare myself to the world’s airbrushed photoshopped standards, but I am committing to becoming healthy for my God and for my spouse. SO bye-bye granny panties!!!

The fact that I am a woman does not make me a different kind of Christian, but the fact that I am a Christian does make me a different kind of woman. For I have accepted God’s idea of me, and my whole life is an offering back to HIM of all that I am, and all that HE wants me to be.  ~Elizabeth Elliot, Let Me Be A Woman

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