It's time for a Date Night!


WOW! Rick and I have been married nineteen years this month! Get out the chocolate, peanut butter, bananas, Alfredo sauce and a little pasta. We're gonna fill the car with gas, head to TJ MAXX, then grab a movie. This calls for a celebration! For us, this is more than just another anniversary. This is Satan you are a loser, you thought you had us down, but it ain’t over 'til my God says it’s over, Devil hiney kicking time!

Bad Habits Threaten

You see, there was a time when our marriage was threatened, attacked by my selfish desires to flirt with sin and give it all up to chase ungodly, fantasy filled dreams. Our priorities had gotten so out of line with kids, careers, civic clubs, and even church activities, that if this makes any sense, we were merely living together as roommates.

We had slipped into a rut of bad habits. Just like so many two-income couples with families, date nights became a thing of the past, our marriage had become another boring, stale, routine activity.

After God healed and restored our marriage, we both determined in our hearts that we needed to do some major tweaking, get rid of some things that were robbing our time together and make our marriage a priority.

Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. ~1 Corinthians 13:7

Why Date Nights?

D- Decide to make your marriage a PRIORITY- that’s right, before kids, before work, before ambitions, before activities, and yes, before ministry!

A- Affirm Your spouse that he or she means more to you than anything else. What a great way to start a date night by making a conscious effort to speak life-giving words to your spouse, words that will heal, encourage and build up.

T-Take time out from busy. So many things can threaten your romance and oneness during the week, high fevers, laundry, to do list, temper tantrums, over flowing toilets, arguments with a teenager that want to zap your energy….it’s important to set aside time to reconnect with your spouse.

E- Excitement for a stale marriage. Get re-acquainted, find out and do what makes your spouse tick, what makes he or she laugh, feel empowered, what are his or her favorite hobbies, get romantic, sit in the same room together and make face to face, eye to eye communication together, grab a great movie, some good ole' comfort food, or Honeychild, better yet, go parking!

If you want oneness and intimacy in your marriage it is so important to see the value in date nights.

Date Night Movie: The Song, A must see

This weekend we snuck away from our kids to catch a movie. We don't watch many movies, but this is a must see: The Song.

Inspired by the Song of Solomon, The Song is a romantic drama about a singer-songwriter, whose marriage suffers when the song he wrote for his wife sends him rocketing to stardom. Jed King is a struggling country singer who hits it big when a song he writes for his wife catches on. His popularity results in long tours, and of course, there are temptations on the road, including one named Shelby, a musician in the band that opens for him.

I found the movie to be intense and loved every moment watching how God brought this wayward singer back to redemption. Check out the trailer and block off time for a date with your honey in the next week or so!