Do Sexy Wives Come In A Size 12?


I tiptoed mischievously into the master bathroom and skillfully proceeded to fill the tub with lavender scented bath salts and a half bottle of pink bubble bath that I had taken hostage from my nine year old daughter’s bath and body supply. Snickering like a school aged girl, I reluctantly dropped my clothes to the floor and took one fierce look in the full length mirror. Immediately my grown up insecurities and wandering thoughts began to attack my mind, hound me and follow me around like a neighborhood stray dog.

Girlfriend have you flipped out and lost your mind? He just came home from work and you're gonna ask him to do what? It's still daylight! Look at you, it’s winter time and those legs glow in the dark and it is no secret that you are nowhere nearhaving enough bubbles to cover up that second tummy roll. You can't wear Spanx in a bathtub, and what about that cellulite…  Do you honestly think YOU can be a sexy wife?

A Stake In The Ground, WHO AM I Moment

For me it was another stake in the ground, a let me remind myself who I AM in CHRIST moment!! I gained my composure. Then out of sheer habit, I sucked my tummy in, held my shoulders up high and pushed back my brown wavy hair. I took one more fleeting look in that bathroom mirror and shouted out confidently, SHUT UP Satan! You ain’t nothin’ but a liar! I am beautiful! I am funny, spontaneous, romantic and my hubby loves me for who I am!!

Gettin’ Real, Size ___ is Sexy

Listen up girlfriends! Gather your friends around the water cooler. Inquiring minds want to know, the word is out and Honeychild, you doggone best believe it, YES YOU CAN!!! You can be a sexy wife at size 12 or any size!

Intentionally & Wonderfully Made

You know in reality, few women are pleased with their bodies. We complain that we are too short, to fat, too thin (I’m still waiting to claim that one), too pear shaped, our feet are too big, hips too rounded, I seem to have been given a pug shaped nose…. Then we go on to convince ourselves that we are not smart enough, funny enough, sexy enough, graceful enough. You see in that bubble bath moment Satan had tried to attack my mind and drown it with nonsense lies. That scoundrel wants nothing more than to steal our joy and intimacy from our marriage relationships. I’m not gonna lie, I shamefully admit that in my past I even allowed my insecurities to greatly inhibit me from being romantic with my husband. Not anymore!

As long as we continue to listen to the enemy’s message and what the world perceives as beautiful we will NEVER be satisfied with how we look. My GOD reminds me in is wordthat I am fearfully and wonderfully made !

I will give thanks to Thee, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; wonderful are Thy works, and my soul knows it very well. (Psalm 139:14)

Seeing Yourself The Way God Sees You

Ladies we have got to learn to see ourselves through God’s eyes. May I just get candid! Seeing myself naked is truly not my idea of fun. As a matter of fact at that moment I was kinda, sorta, contemplating about grabbing the nearest bathrobe to cover up and tossing the bathroom scales at that mirror! Yet that scripture resonated with me. There is a phrase in that verse that for so long I have overlooked. I will give thanks to thee! WOW, I, Beverly Weeks, need to give thanks to God for the way He created my body.

Seeking God's Forgiveness

I sat in my chair the other night and I totally rethought that verse through.  How dare I take the time to whine and whimper about the dark circles and creeping tiny little lines around my eyes. All the while I have a dear precious friend who has to wear an eye patch because cancer has attacked her eye and threatens to destroy her eye sight.

Right then and there I prayed, Father forgive me of my wordly mindset. God, I thank you for my dark brown eyes, I thank you that I still have my vision. God I thank you for my arms to hold my children tight, for my rounded nose to smell my husband's skin as he lies next to me, for my full sized hips that give me joy when I am dancing, for the funny personality you blessed me with, for my desire to tell corny jokes, my love for the hearts of women, for my desire to encourage others, for making me a size 12 and for creating me to be sexy for my husband, graceful, and delightfully beautiful.

SOOO... Did The Bubble Bath Idea Fizzle…?

Have mercy, sista, I can see my husband grabbing his imaginary nitrogen pills (Peanut M&M’s) as he cries out from his laptop, “What have you gone and wrote about this time!” My only response, honey breathe in and breathe out, breathe in and breathe out…..

I want you to know that spontaneous crazy idea I had in my head at 6PM... that 'hey, honey, while the kids are doing homework, let’s have a little bubble bath fun time' was intimate and tee-totally everything I had wanted it to be. You see, I realize my body is far from perfect, yet I am made in God’s image. My husband loves that I am his gift and for that my dear friends I am truly thankful.


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