New Year, New Marriage!

The days leading up to December 31 are ripe for choosing what to do differently beginning January 1, aren't they? We're told that if we want a different result, we have to do something differently: eat better, read more, watch less television, love more, fight less, go to the gym, the list goes on and on and on.

Since every day is a good day to resolve to do things differently, we've got five things that if you employ, you'll have a new marriage in 2016. Not with someone other than your spouse, a new marriage with the person you've been waking up next to. That's a good thing, isn't it? One of my prayers everyday is for God to give Sherry a new husband in me...a husband who is more Christlike.

Five resolutions for 2016 (or any day, really):

The Word. Read it every day! We've got a daily bible which gives us a portion from the Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs to read every day so that by December 31, we've read every word of God's Word. This also keeps us on the same page as a family, so we're taking in the same scriptures every day, making it really easy to share what God is saying to us, what it meant to us, and how it is propelling us to think and do something different.

Couch time. If you've spent ANY time with us at all, you've heard us mention couch time. This is the intentional 20-30 minutes (or longer!) that you spend with your spouse. To prepare, put your kids somewhere safe- doing their homework, down for a nap, in front of Veggie Tales, in their rooms, with the admonition that they must be bleeding, on fire or not breathing in order to disturb this precious time for dad and mom. During this time, share with each other whatever you're thinking, doing, feeling. Husbands, go first. Wives, listen well. Husbands, you listen well, too, to understand, not to fix. This time together every day will put fuel in your tank and keep you on the same page.

Date your spouse.Yes, date your spouse. Sit down with your spouse on December 31, pull out your calendar and mark each month with two or more date nights. Then protect those dates, take turns planning them with the sole intention of doing something your spouse would like that night. If you don't plan and protect those dates, you won't go on them, and you'll have the same results you've always had... So put the fun back in your marriage! Do the fun things that drew you together once upon a time! Or, if you are like us and need to leave some of those ways in the past, discover the things you like to do together now.

Date God.What do you do when you date? You spend LOTS of time thinking about that special someone, going over and over and over in your mind every word they've spoken, every touch, every glance. Do that with God. Read His Word (see above), and ruminate/meditate on it.

Have sex. Yep, God created it intentionally for inside of marriage to bring couples together intimately physically to complement their coming together spiritually and emotionally- it's part of becoming one flesh. You could even take the Seven Day Challenge! Ed Young Jr has written a book centered around becoming closer and more intimate with your spouse. The book and website are excellent resources for you, married OR single!

What are some resolutions YOU are making for YOUR marriage in 2016?

Hey, here's a great date idea for February....

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