Proverbs 11: Wicked & Righteous


In 2005, my husband Scott was living with his girlfriend, and I was living in the home we'd purchased together, building a life for him to return to from his prodigal life, praying to become the woman, wife and mother God created me to be. I had been reading a Proverb a day for almost a year.

As I read the Proverbs, as Solomon contrasts the wicked and the righteous, the wise and the foolish, it would have been easy to build a wall, see the distance between, and dwell on differences in Scott's character and mine. That would have been dangerous!

Instead, I let the Word inform me, helping me to have understanding of our situation. God broke my heart for Scott and his foolish choices, as I realized that without God in his life, he couldn't make wise decisions. I encourage you in this same way...let Proverbs inform you, let them give you understanding beyond your own, let God break your heart for your foolish choices and the people around you.

Wicked & Righteous

In a world of sliding scale morality, where what is 'right' depends on how many people are doing it, we need the absolute truth of God's Word more than ever. Without it, we can desperately rationalize most decisions in our lives, can't we?

"I'm leaving you and our marriage because you deserve better."

"I never really loved you, you'll be so much happier without me."

"I deserve this."

Without good direction and absolute truth, people lose their way, don't they? I know I have. I'm so grateful for the Proverbs (and all of God's Word!) to keep me pointed in the right direction!

 Without Good Direction, People Lose Their Way

11 The Lord hates dishonest scales, but he is pleased with honest weights.

2 Pride leads only to shame; it is wise to be humble.

3 Good people will be guided by honesty; dishonesty will destroy those who are not trustworthy.

4 Riches will not help when it’s time to die, but right living will save you from death.

5 The goodness of the innocent makes life easier, but the wicked will be destroyed by their wickedness.

6 Doing right brings freedom to honest people, but those who are not trustworthy will be caught by their own desires.

7 When the wicked die, hope dies with them; their hope in riches will come to nothing.

8 The good person is saved from trouble; it comes to the wicked instead.

9 With words an evil person can destroy a neighbor, but a good person will escape by being resourceful.

10 When good people succeed, the city is happy. When evil people die, there are shouts of joy.

11 Good people bless and build up their city, but the wicked can destroy it with their words.

12 People without good sense find fault with their neighbors, but those with understanding keep quiet.

13 Gossips can’t keep secrets, but a trustworthy person can.

14 Without leadership a nation falls, but lots of good advice will save it.

15 Whoever guarantees to pay somebody else’s loan will suffer. It is safer to avoid such promises.

16 A kind woman gets respect, but cruel men get only wealth.

17 Kind people do themselves a favor, but cruel people bring trouble on themselves.

18 An evil person really earns nothing, but a good person will surely be rewarded.

19 Those who are truly good will live, but those who chase after evil will die.

20 The Lord hates those with evil hearts but is pleased with those who are innocent.

21 Evil people will certainly be punished, but those who do right will be set free.

22 A beautiful woman without good sense is like a gold ring in a pig’s snout.

23 Those who do right only wish for good, but the wicked can expect to be defeated by God’s anger.

24 Some people give much but get back even more. Others don’t give what they should and end up poor.

25 Whoever gives to others will get richer; those who help others will themselves be helped.

26 People curse those who keep all the grain, but they bless the one who is willing to sell it.

27 Whoever looks for good will find kindness, but whoever looks for evil will find trouble.

28 Those who trust in riches will be ruined, but a good person will be healthy like a green leaf.

29 Whoever brings trouble to his family will be left with nothing but the wind. A fool will be a servant to the wise.

30 A good person gives life to others; the wise person teaches others how to live.

31 Good people will be rewarded on earth, and the wicked and the sinners will be punished.

New Century Version

Which verse will you grab hold to and carry throughout the day?

NOTE: I've been using mostly the New Century Version because that was the first bible I had...and I still use it, in addition to other translations. I'm also reading other translations through this month: Amplified, The Message, New American Standard Bible, English Standard Version, New Living Translation, New International Version...what's your favorite version?

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