Proverbs 13: Walk with the Wise

walking with the wise

When confronted with the knowledge of my husband's affair, I sought wise counsel. I poured my heart out to a Catholic counselor, explaining how heartbroken I was, sharing how I'd gotten to this desperate place of betrayal. She was fairly silent as I told our story. I remember one thing she told me that day... You’re not being his wife, you’re being his mother. No wonder he’s having an affair.

I was stunned. I didn't know what to say. I'm so grateful in that moment, the Holy Spirit was convicting my heart, so I didn't feel condemnation, just the realization when confronted with truth that I had to spend time in God's Word, meditating on His wisdom in order to allow His instruction to change my life.

Let me say that again: When you follow God's wisdom in His Word, His instruction will change your life.

In addition to meditating on His Word, I surrounded myself with several girlfriends- several of whom were strong godly women. A few were several steps behind me in the journey. Seeking out godly women, walking with these wise women, called me up to be greater.

 Walk with the Wise

13 Wise children take their parents’ advice, but whoever makes fun of wisdom won’t listen to correction.

2 People will be rewarded for what they say, but those who can’t be trusted want only violence.

3 Those who are careful about what they say protect their lives, but whoever speaks without thinking will be ruined.

4 The lazy will not get what they want, but those who work hard will.

5 Good people hate what is false, but the wicked do shameful and disgraceful things.

6 Doing what is right protects the honest person, but doing evil ruins the sinner.

7 Some people pretend to be rich but really have nothing. Others pretend to be poor but really are wealthy.

8 The rich may have to pay a ransom for their lives, but the poor will face no such danger.

9 Good people can look forward to a bright future, but the future of the wicked is like a flame going out.

10 Pride only leads to arguments, but those who take advice are wise.

11 Money that comes easily disappears quickly, but money that is gathered little by little will grow.

12 It is sad not to get what you hoped for. But wishes that come true are like eating fruit from the tree of life.

13 Those who reject what they are taught will pay for it, but those who obey what they are told will be rewarded.

14 The teaching of a wise person gives life. It is like a fountain that can save people from death.

15 People with good understanding will be well liked, but the lives of those who are not trustworthy are hard.

16 Every wise person acts with good sense, but fools show how foolish they are.

17 A wicked messenger brings nothing but trouble, but a trustworthy one makes everything right.

18 A person who refuses correction will end up poor and disgraced, but the one who accepts correction will be honored.

19 It is so good when wishes come true, but fools hate to stop doing evil.

20 Spend time with the wise and you will become wise, but the friends of fools will suffer.

21 Trouble always comes to sinners, but good people enjoy success.

22 Good people leave their wealth to their grandchildren, but a sinner’s wealth is stored up for good people.

23 A poor person’s field might produce plenty of food, but others often steal it away.

24 If you do not punish your children, you don’t love them, but if you love your children, you will correct them.

25 Good people have enough to eat, but the wicked will go hungry.

Proverbs 13 New Century Version

Are you walking with wise, godly people in your life? Or do you seek to be the wisest person in the room. I encourage you to seek someone of the same gender to walk alongside you, maybe even a small group of men or women to form a redemptive community group; people who know your story and love you like Jesus anyway!

Which verse from Proverbs 13 will you carry through your day?

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