Promise of Restoration


Running is my prayer closet. Early in my running days before I knew Jesus, it was the place I could escape for a short time, a place of freedom and solitude, where it was just me and the road. When I came to know Jesus, He became my running partner. My runs became a place of guidance, peace and revelation from God. From simple prayers of thanking Him for guiding my feet as I ran around puddles and trip hazards, thanking Him for the puddles He allowed me to step into for my sharpening and His glory, to knowing that peace which surpasses all understanding in the midst of my husband's adultery.

In recent years, running has become a place where I spend time with the Father, crying out to Him on behalf of family, friends, missionaries and sometimes the families in the houses I'm running past. Something I've started doing to remember new friends in my life to pray for is to write their names on my hand before hitting the road, a simple act of praying as I write their names, then praying as I pass under street lights and read their names on my palm.

Writing the names of friends on my palm has been powerful. After all, God wrote MY NAME on the palm of His hand!

See, I have written your name on the palm of My hands. - Isaiah 49:16

Why does God say this? He tells us this as a way for us to understand that we are before Him always, we are always on His mind,  He loves us more than anything and He has not forgotten us. It is a promise of restoration! Check out Isaiah 49:8-26, He tells us what He will restore! God feels our pain and hurt, He hurts with us and for us, He cries with and for us. God knew us before He created the planet, and chose us and loved us despite the things He knew we'd do. He wrote our names on the palms of His hands knowing we'd choose to not love Him, not submit to Him, not obey Him, not believe that He loves us.

God wrote our names on the palms of His hands knowing He needed to send Jesus to die to save us, knowing Jesus would take nails through the palms of His hands for our sake. God wrote Scott's and my names on the palm of His hand even though He knew the adultery, alcoholism, pride, control, selfishness and divorce that we would choose in our lives...He loved us anyway and had our restoration in mind. And He wrote our names on His hands knowing His promises of redemption are for us.

No matter what you choose to do today, no matter how many times the enemy may whisper "The Lord has abandoned you, He has forgotten you," the enemy is a liar. Your name is written on God's hands, your name is before Him. He won't let you go.

On what promise of restoration are you waiting? Tell us so we can pray with you....

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