Trusting GOD with Finances

Wedding rings and large bills of money

You want us to do what? Are you kidding me momma? You want us to pray around the mailbox? I just gotta know one thing, have you lost it or joined a cult or something? Do you know what the neighbors will think if they see us praying around our mailbox? 

My thirteen year old son did not know whether to laugh or run, but at that time I knew that God was leading me to have the faith to gather my family around our mailbox to pray for some BOLD things to happen in our home. Earlier that week I had been forced to leave my job because of circumstances beyond my control. At the same time, my husband and I had been praying that God would open new doors for ministry. I just could not comprehend that leaving my job so quickly could even be a part of God's plan. On top of that my boss had written a letter to deny the unemployment.

Just being candid, at that time anxiety and worry began to kick in full force. My mind was being attacked by the what if’s”, darts of fear and the how would we financially make it questions. I had no other choice but to say GOD,I need you to STEP onto the scene!

Have you ever been in a situation so desperate that you knew, that without a doubt, there was NO way out BUT GOD?

My husband and I gathered our children around that mailbox and we prayed and cried out to God for what seemed like an hour.“Father, You own the cattle on a thousand hills, the wealth in every mine and we are asking You to have mercy on Your children. God, we need You to take control of the situation with the unemployment and have financial favor on our family. We know You did not bring us this far into the ministry for us to fail!” We even started to pray for the junk mail. That’s right! I knew that God could bless us with coupons and promotions to help lower our expenses.

A few weeks passed. One morning, I was online paying our bills when I stopped to look at the balance in our account which was puzzling! How could I have paid the bills and still  have money in the account? I immediately called up our bank to speak with a service rep to explain the situation.  She explained that the money was "real," and yes, it was ours. The Employment Security Commission had direct deposited a check into our account! I broke out in tears! The service rep probably thought I had lost my mind, so I explained to her how God had not only showed up, BUT showed off and that this was a result of our family praying some mighty BIG BOLD prayers. We were having church right there on the telephone!

Not only did God reverse the decision with the unemployment, but friends His favor did not stop there. We received a statement from childcare and I was keenly aware that I would need to pay $500 for their services for that month. The invoice read that we had previously overpaid and they owed us money! How awesome is that?

Let's not forget the prayer for the junk mail...within days I opened two letters from an insurance company to shred and looked inside. I broke out in a  glory dance for JESUS, there were two unexpected refund checks!! That glory dance caused me to bruise a few things and swing a hip or two out of place but that is a whole notha' devotion! For a while I felt no pain, I just knew MY GOD had heard my cry and he had come through!

God had it all under control even before we breathed the first word of those prayers. He just needed me to have the faith to trust HIM to work this out.

Are you in the middle of a crisis? Is it your broken finances, a broken marriage, illness, a prodigal child? My heart breaks for the many couples we have spoken with just in this last year who are struggling in their marriage because of financial hardships. Friend, there will be times that you just have to fall to your knees, cry out to God, saying,"Lord, for the mortgage, for the car payment, for the credit card bills, doctor bills, whatever it is... GOD, I trust You!"

Cast all your anxiety on him, because he cares for you.  -1 Peter 5:7

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