Sherry Jennings


Sherry Jennings is a compassionate writer, speaker and listener, whose desire is to lead women to see hope in seemingly hopeless situations, inspiring change in their lives, marriages and legacies. Having walked through the fiery crash of her marriage to its redemption with God at the center, Sherry warmly and transparently shares the power of walking by faith instead of sight. Reflecting God’s beauty and grace, Sherry's engaging, soft spoken style invites women's hearts to see their lives in the context of the greater story- a love story in the midst of a great battle. 

Through her written and spoken words, Sherry invites women to know the heart of the God who sees them and loves what He sees, that their hearts are good and that they have an irreplaceable role in this world. She encourages and challenges women to live the intentional, grace filled, abundant lives for which God created them.

She Speaks Graduate

Sherry and her husband of 20 plus years, Scott, are Homebuilder Catalysts for FamilyLife and were featured on FamilyLife Today radio program in July 2012. Their marriage redemption story is also a feature article on Together, they founded Intentionally Yours to share God’s truth, hope and vision for marriage. They regularly counsel couples and speak (together and separately) at marriage conferences, seminars and retreats.

A 2012 & 2014 graduate of She Speaks, Sherry writes primarily for Intentionally Yours, guest writes for Excellent or Praiseworthy and Hot, Holy & Humorous, blogs regularly and serves as communication director at The Bridge in Princeton, NC. Sherry & Scott are select speakers for FamilyLife's Art of Marriage Live, and were part of the speaker team for FamilyLife's I Still Do arena events in 2014. She is also on Zoweh's Deepening Weekend Team. Sherry’s favorite place is with Scott and their son Steven.

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